Saturday, January 26, 2008

I went to Isla Reta

Today I went for a weekend outing to Isla Reta beach resort at Samal City together with my girlfriend and her mother. I was outing for all the teachers in Mintal Elementary School. I went together with them because my girlfriend ask her mom to bring me with her so that she would not be bored. From Davao, we crossed the sea to the island boarding a boat.

I enjoyed swimming in the clear sea of the white sand resort. It is very exclusive because its a little expensive. But the shore is yours to enjoy because no one will ever stare at you.

We've seen some three groups of koreans visiting the resort and they enjoyed taking pictures with some of the folks there.

We only swam for 2 hours since the boat will depart the early and there is only one trip, for one hour, going back Davao.

The trip was exhausting but enjoy. Maybe, we'll back next for an overnight.

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