Friday, January 25, 2008

I am a programmer

Since 2005, I code my own web software for my websites aside from using free ready-made softwares. Since I am not an IT student, I don't know anything about programming. But since I was very interested in web, especially in building a website, I got to learn about it.

I got familiar with HTML a little because I used a software to create a web design. I used Frontpage of Microsoft to create simple HTML designs. By using this software, I learned that HTML file are only static pages which only handles a single data per page. But I was interested in freewares and sharewares for my content so it means I must create a lot of pages for the softwares. Then I tried researching the internet for better ways to handle data effortless and learn about web softwares that uses database.

At first, I learn ASP web programming. This was my first knowledge in web programming. I modified a ready-made ASP content management software for music and used it to cater softwares. ASP uses VB scripting and I had a little knowledge in VB so it is somehow easy to get familiar with it.

For a greater knowledge, I began to program in PHP and MySQL because I realized that ASP and MSACCESS had data handling limitations. Also, one reason I shifted form ASP to PHP was because there were a lot of better free hosting site for PHP than for ASP.

I can't really tell if am a professional programmer now but I can always say that I am a programmer and I am a programmer for 3 years now.

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