Friday, February 29, 2008

Bestlayouts.Info, My Friendster Layouts Website, my website about friendster layouts, is now online. I have been working with this for a week now and at last it is already working just what I wanted. My tag line is "Massive Collection of Friendster Layouts". I used this tag line because I intend to collect all possible friendster layout available in the web. Every single layout that will be created from every different layout websites should be posted in this site.

Sources of Layouts

There are many possible sources of layouts available in the web but I use only 2 of them for now. If you search google for these keywords: friendster layouts, there are actually more results that could be a source for this site. For now, I those 2 sources for my contents are the top 2 results from google using those keywords.

Website System

The system the I used for this site, which I have already mentioned in my previous post, is Wordpress. Wordpress is actually a blogging system but it can also be used for purposes other that blogging. I have seen a lot of friendster layout site that used Wordpress as their system. I used Wordpress because of its features that makes it easy for search engine index, in short, search engine friendly. Aside from being a search engine friendly, you can also create own web design easily. Actually I was the one who created the site's design.

Best Feature of Auto-Apply-Layout

If you think this website is just the same with the other friendster layout websites, then you are wrong. I have actually developed a feature which I am very proud. I have create this Auto-Apply-Layout program that makes it easy to apply the selected layout to your friendster profile. You just need to enter your friendster username and password and the selected layout will then be applied in your friendster profile in seconds. Then you may backup your current layout which will be given afterwards. If you need a sample, try this feature now at

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